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Procedures of ANSES (National Social Security Administration)

Procedures of ANSES (National Social Security Administration)


According to the decision taken by the appropriate Authorities of both Countries, all procedures or claims relevant to retirements or pensions, included by the regulations of the Italo-Argentinean Convention issued on November, 3rd, 1981, as for Social Security, and the complementary administrative agreement dated December 15th, 1983, which have both become effective on January 1st, 1984, have to be done by the persons interested, or by their representatives having the right before query to the Social Services of their district.

In case the relevant pension benefit had already been recognized by the relevant National Social Security Administration and the procedure or claim refers exclusively to the process for its collection, the people interested, or their representatives having the right, should contact immediately the appointed Bank, before query to the Social Services of their district.

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All procedures of ANSES are free and are done within the day:

  • Life certificate

  • Authorization of signature on the forms of ANSES

Both procedures can be done at the Consulate Offices or by mail.

For the above it is necessary to prove one's own identity thanks to the National Document of Identity (preferably, it has to be Argentine or, failing it, the Italian one)

If it is done by mail, it is necessary to send to this Consulate the following documents:

  • Life certificate issued by the Residence Municipality.

  • Photocopy of the Identity Document of the beneficiary.

  • Telephone number and e-mail address of the beneficiary.

All documents have to be sent to the Consulate General of the Argentine Republic - Via Agnello 2 - 4th floor - 20121 Milan.


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