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Choice of Argentine citizenship

Updated date: 20/07/2015

Choice of Argentine citizenship


The benefit for the CHOICE of Argentine citizenship is given only in favour of children of "native Argentinean" citizens (ART. 1, Law N. 346 - Art. 2 Decree 3213/84). As a consequence, the children of naturalized Argentinean people cannot exercise this possibility. The native or acquired Argentine nationality is irremissible. Any renunciation to it will only be intended as a suspension of political rights, though it does not deprive of rights or obligations related to the nationality as such (Art. 16 - Decree 3213/84). This choice has to be done before the Argentinean Consul of the district relevant to the usual address of the minor's parents or done in the Argentine Republic before the Argentine Federal Courts. There are no age limits to apply for the Argentine nationality, and the Italian one can be hold.

In order to start the proceedings for the choice of Argentine citizenship, please find hereunder a detailed list of the documents required:

1. Two copies of the Act of Birth in original of the person applying for Argentine citizenship. In order to get this document it is necessary to go to the Italian Municipality where the date of birth of the chooser was entered and ask for a "Multilingual Extract of Birth Certificate" (Formulario plurilingue Convenzione di Vienna dell'8 settembre 1976, on the issue of extracts from civil status records for use abroad). It is necessary to check that the information written on the document of the minor is correct and complete. Certificates containing short forms or typographical errors will not be accepted. Likewise, it is necessary to verify that the parents' names and surnames written on the relevant acts of birth correspond to those written on the act of birth of the minor.

2. Certified Copy from Argentine Registro Civil corresponding to the act of birth in original of the Argentinean father or mother who chooses the nationality for his/her child, in order to verify the required essential data to carry out the choice (The original is required. No photocopy is accepted). This Consulate cannot issue acts of birth.

3. A note, on unstamped paper, signed by both parents in which they declare their unequivocal consent to the choice. In case both parents exert parental authority, they must give jointly the authorization for the choice; even if one of them is a foreigner (It goes without saying, and without exception, that both parents must attend the appointment).

4. Photocopy of the identity documents of both parents. A photocopy of the D.N.I. (National Identity Document) is required for the Argentinean parent.

5. Usual address and telephone number;

6. Presence of the minor with one half-length recent photo, taken from the front, open-face, in colour, against a white background (if the minor is not yet 8 years old and is of Italian nationality), and with two half-length recent photos, taken from the front, open-face, in colour, against a white background (if the minor has already turned 8 and is of Italian nationality). For stateless people four more photos are required for the passport.

These documents can be sent by mail (att. Dottoressa Re: Via Agnello n.2 - 20121 Milano) or delivered personally to this office from Monday to Friday, between 8.30 a.m. and 12.30 a.m. The appointment for signing the choice can be made only when the whole documentation is filed at this Consulate (please contact by phone Dottoressa Luigia Re: 02.77729434 - dirección electrónica esta protegida contra spam bots. Necesita activar JavaScript para visualizarla ).

The average waiting time for the appointment depends on the number of requests.

Registration of the birth certification – Free

1st Certificate of the registration – Free


2nd Certificate of the registration – Free


Certification of choice of nationality – Free


1st Statement of the Certification of choice –Free


2nd Statement of the Certification of choice – Free


D.N.I. about 5 Euros


Passport about 60 Euros.

We also inform that according to resolution n. 1356 dated June 17th, 2005, even those over 18 years of age whose father or mother is Argentinean, born abroad, can choose Argentine nationality before the relevant Consular Representation.


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